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It all started with one of those signs, "wish it, dream it, do it." The "wish it" part, oh, I had wished really hard for many, many years. The "dream it" part, oh, I had dreams of all kinds of B&B's, big ones, little ones, fancy ones, rustic ones, country style and victorian. It was the "do it" part that had always stopped me, mostly because of fear, fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of the inability. But sometimes it takes something so awful, something so tragic, something that shakes your world beyond going back to the way it was, that you realize, now is the time to "do it"!!!! With no fear whatsoever. Now is the time because if you don't, it may never happen and there you will be without ever trying to fulfill your lifelong dream. And so here I am, the new owner of a beautiful Bed and Breakfast in breathtaking Churchtown. Call it what you will, fate, luck, will, I call it love and faith in yourself. It's about following your heart and your dreams. Corny as it sounds, I believe dreams really do come true with hard work, guts and most of all love.
UPDATE: Meet my husband Joe. I got married here at the Inn in 2014. Yes, more love here at The Inn at Twin Linden...lucky me!
As they say...You never work a day in your life when you love what you do, that's me!